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4. Planning for Customer Acquisition > Which Digital Media Are Less Suited for ... - Pg. 61

Chap t er 4 Planning f or Cus tome r A c q u i s i t i o n 61 Note Learn more about using email for customer acquisition in Chapter 12 , "B2B Email Marketing." Mobile Marketing What role does mobile marketing play in the customer acquisition process? When you note that business users of all stripes--including purchasing staff and senior management--are increasingly accessing the Internet via smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices, you realize that mobile marketing affects every other acquisition-based digital marketing activity. That is, everything you do online to acquire new customers has to be accessible both on traditional desktop and notebook PCs and on the smaller screens of smart phones and other mobile devices. That starts with creating a mobile-friendly ver- sion of your website, and leads to optimizing your site for mobile search, placing mobile PPC and display ads, optimizing your videos for mobile viewing, and the like.