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9. B2B Website Marketing > Designing Your Website for Conversion - Pg. 117

Chapter 9 B2 B Web s i t e M a r k e t i n g 117 Isn't your goal to get your product information in the hands of as many poten- tial customers as possible? If so, why would you complicate that? This is why I prefer allowing unfettered downloads--but providing a button visitors can click if they want you to also contact them. That's the best of both worlds, and a heck of a lot less intrusive. Asking for More As much information as you can provide on your site, some customers will have even more questions. Or maybe they just prefer talking to a real live human being. In either case, you'll want to provide mechanisms to put site visitors in contact with your sales personnel. There are many ways to do this, including the following: · Include a "click for more information" button on product and col- lateral pages. This button should link to a web form where visitors can ask their questions, as well as provide their contact information. · Include an "email us" link or button on product and collateral pages. This should open a new email message with your contact address