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8. Dominating Facebook Ads > Converting Facebook Likes into Purchases - Pg. 150

150 Outs m ar t i ng S o c ial M edia Why It Failed-- This ad would actually be pretty good if not for the fact that it does not call the user to action. Forgetting to put a call to action in the ad is very common. If there is no request in the ad, people feel far less motivated to do anything. Converting Facebook Likes into Purchases Running a successful Facebook ad campaign, while fun, is only a means to an end. As I've reminded you a few times in this chapter, your eye should always be on the prize: purchases. It amazes me how few brands never even ask prior to a campaign's start whether the Facebook advertising they're buying will convert to business for them. There is this notion that having a lot of likes on your page will somehow just "be good for business." Such thinking is lazy and tends to result in a lot of head scratching when campaigns fail to generate sales. What will bring revenue to your company is consistent testing to see which ads translate to business. As with any form of marketing, if you run your Facebook campaign intelligently, following best practices, you can see within a few weeks whether that channel will be a successful one for your company. After you prove that