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4. Adapting to the “Anywhere, Anywhen” B... > The Small Town Rule: Work “Anywhere,...

The Small Town Rule: Work “Anywhere, Anywhen” Through Technology

Small town businesses have turned the loss of geographic advantage into an opportunity, just like the farmers using iPads to make their offices out in the field. The always-on nature of business today means that people can communicate or collaborate at different times, which is what social business expert Chris Brogan calls “anywhen.”

Broadband Internet Makes Working Anywhere Possible

In a 2010 Zogby International survey, people rated the technological developments of the last decade. High-speed Internet was the change that had the greatest impact on people’s lives, and it was the one thing they didn’t want to live without.10

Broadband access in small towns and rural areas varies by location. Availability has improved significantly since 2000, when only the most populated urban areas had broadband access. By 2011, more than 80 percent of the rural U.S. population had access to broadband service.11 Becky lives in a town of only 30 people, but she uses DSL broadband. If she lived just one mile outside of town, her telephone cooperative could only offer her its much slower dial-up service. Improved access has made it possible for many successful small town entrepreneurs to adopt broadband Internet as a competitive advantage.


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