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Part I. LinkedIn for Business > 1. Twenty-first Century Sales and Marketing: Li...

1. Twenty-first Century Sales and Marketing: LinkedIn Meets Marketing, Advertising, and Sales

This book describes a marketing system whereby advertisers, marketers, and salespeople can leverage LinkedIn to get more leads and sales for their company. The book is divided into five parts:

1. This first section and chapter is an overview and introduction to the book.

2. The second section (Chapters 2 through 6) talks about how marketing people can help their companies on LinkedIn. It covers LinkedIn employee profiles, LinkedIn company pages, content marketing, LinkedIn Answers, LinkedIn Events, and LinkedIn Groups, all from the perspective of the marketing department.

3. The third section (Chapters 7 through 10) is focused on helping people in an advertising role. We talk about best practices from the last decade of Internet advertising, how to set up LinkedIn ads, and how to get excellent results from them.

4. The fourth section (Chapters 11 through 13) is for salespeople. It covers the history of sales, how sales has changed, and what role LinkedIn plays in sales—most specifically, how salespeople can find new prospects and build relationships on LinkedIn.

5. The fifth section (Chapters 14 through 16) is for everyone, including advertisers, marketers, salespeople, executives, and managers. It discusses how the three major roles (advertising, marketing, and sales) must work together to go beyond mediocre social media results and the kind of support these teams will require from company leadership.

How have business and marketing changed in the twenty-first century? What has the Internet changed about the sales process? In the rest of this chapter, we’ll look at online versus offline sales, and how introverts and extroverts can work together. Then we’ll examine the social media revenue and the history of LinkedIn. We close with a few LinkedIn case studies for inspiration.

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