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118 Chapter 5 Identify Your Web Site's Goals Summary Every Web site is created for a purpose, most for more than one. As time passes, however, we sometimes lose sight of why the Web site exists. It is critical that you, the search marketer, keep in mind the overarching goals of your Web site so that you choose the appropriate search marketing strategy. Remember also that no Web site stands still--goals can and do change as the years go by. You must regularly examine your goals and choose a search marketing strategy to match. This chapter examined many different site goals, ranging from all varieties of sales and marketing to information and entertainment. You learned how to identify your site's goals and what kinds of searches will be used to find your site, as summarized in Table 5-2. Table 5-2 Site goals and search strategies. Your Web site's goals drive the types of queries and search approaches you must emphasize. Search Query Type Web Site Goal Web sales Offline sales Navigational Medium Medium Informational Medium Medium Transactional High High Search Marketing Approaches Organic and paid Organic and paid