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07 Wonderful! > Brands, communications and emotions - Pg. 58

58 The Consumer Mind shape. The amygdala is a sensor, a very sensitive alarm that warns the body, the individual, of any external danger. Information coming from the outside can follow two routes to reach the brain and deliver its message. One is the `normal' route, the cortical pathway, also known as the conscious route. Feelings become perceptions and then they are analysed by the cerebral cortex. Although everything is carried out very quickly, this route is much slower than the `urgent' route, the subcortical pathway, also known as the unconscious or automatic route. Feelings become perceptions, they quickly reach the amygdala, which sounds the alarm immediately in the cerebral cortex. The amygdala's mission is to warn us of danger or threatening situations. Mirror neurones Between 1980 and 1990, in Parma (Italy) Giacomo Rizzolatti, another important figure in the field of neuroscience, discovered mirror neurones, also known as the `empathy neurones'. Rizzolatti was working in the laboratory researching monkeys. One of the members of the research team decided to have something to eat. At that precise moment the technological equipment in the brain of the monkey