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Are RFPs a Good Use of Your Time? > Are RFPs a Good Use of Your Time? - Pg. 232

232 HIGH-PROFIT SELLING Q respond to an RFP, waiting for a response can be even harder. Even if the answer is ``yes'' and the sale happens, it may not quite live up to initial expectations. Obviously, the emotion, time, and resources it takes to deal with an RFP can, in the end, take a major toll on any salesperson or sales team. For this reason, I'm a firm believer that salespeople should ignore the majority of RFPs they receive. The time and effort is sim- ply not worth it. Most RFPs are written with a predetermined outcome in mind. It is not uncommon for a specific vendor to assist the company or purchasing department with writing the RFP. This vendor almost guarantees the RFP is written in a way that will ensure that it gets the business. About the only place where there are legal restrictions on this practice is when the