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CHAPTER 15: Position Yourself to Continue Earning High Profits - Pg. 251

C H A P T E R 15 Position Yourself to Continue Earning High Profits T O P P E R F O R M E R . P R E S I D E N T ' S C L U B . Gold Circle. Salesper- son of the Year. Nearly all companies have some sort of recognition program to reward what they consider supe- rior performance. To the salespeople who have achieved these levels of recognition, I say, ``Job well done.'' For those sales- people who have yet to achieve the level of recognition and reward they know they are capable of earning, I say, ``Don't give up, and every day seek to be the best.'' Receiving an award is great, and I'm a firm believer in recognizing performance that goes beyond expectations. Where problems arise is when we attempt to determine what 251 American Managememt Association ·