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Book IV: EO Web Design > Chapter 4: Perfecting Navigation and Linking Technique...

Chapter 4: Perfecting Navigation and Linking Techniques

In This Chapter

check.png Formulating a category structure

check.png Building landing pages for silos

check.png Absolute versus relative linking

check.png Types of navigation

check.png Naming links

In this chapter, we talk about how to physically structure your site in the most efficient way possible with siloing. Siloing is the process of categorizing your web pages into subject themes in order to group related content. In this way, you present clear and straightforward subject relevancy that increases your site’s perceived expertise to the search engines.

Search engines award keyword rankings to the site that proves that it is least “imperfect” for the relevancy of a subject or theme. That means that the more clearly on-topic a site is for a user’s search query, the more relevant it is, and the more likely it is to appear near the top of search results. Search engines try to dissect a site into distinct subjects that add up to an overall theme that represents a straightforward subject relevancy. If a search engine can clearly understand what you’re talking about, they’re going to consider you more of an expert on the subject and award you a higher rank than the other guy who’s diluted his theme and cluttered his page with junk that’s not relevant to his site. More often than not, a web site....


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