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Chapter 3: Structuring Internal Links > Subject Theming Structure

Subject Theming Structure

We talk about subject theming, which is picking out your themes in order to better arrange your silos, in Chapter 1 of this minibook. This section tells you how to actually implement your themes into a silo structure. Look at Figure 3-1, which is a silo pyramid.

Figure 3-1: When you properly silo, your web site should look like a pyramid.


The example we’re using is a classic car web site. The very top of the page represents one of the broadest themes, which are the makes of cars.

You can accomplish siloing by setting up either directory-based silos, where the linking structure follows the physical setup of the site (physical siloing), or non-directory-based silos, where the linking structure alone defines the theme (virtual siloing). These types of silos both create themes through linking, but they do so in different ways. Virtual silos create content and subject relationships through cross-linking alone to create a theme, whereas physical siloing creates relationships by utilizing directory structure and links to group like content. They can both be used in the same site, depending on organizational structure.


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