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The Unlucky 13 > The Unlucky 13 - Pg. 176

All Star Sales T eams party when we hit revenue targets." As he turned to leave, he added, "I'm not sure our current platform can handle any changes. Not to mention the added pressure on my staff. Please, just leave our systems well alone." Marketing dropped off a binder detailing the value of rewarding for in- creases in specific products and for growth in territory. The binder was a work of art. Products and rewards were displayed on a grid that ran the length of a legal sized sheet. Each product, of which there were 10, had at least 14 increments of growth with corresponding rewards. The territory penetration section was no less detailed. The last growth indices had formu- las that exponentially grew incentives into infinity. Human resources and sales almost knocked each other over trying to get through the CEO's door. "What was Jed thinking when he asked for everyone's take on sales rewards? This is clearly the purview of sales, with HR support. What do the other areas know about rewarding sales people?" The head of sales was already focusing his core team on the issue. They were becoming engaged in the process. Now he was going to have to explain and deal with this outside interference? Was the CEO dissatisfied with his lead- ership in the area? Was there a hidden message in disenfranchising him?