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Chapter 7 Cultivate an Inter-Functional ... > Intergroup Collaboration - Pg. 196

All Star Sales T eams cycles and fashioned well enough so that any subsequent redesign builds upon the solidly laid foundation of the previous planning. That is the legacy of the sales design team. Intergroup Collaboration As mentioned previously (in Chapter 6), the sales force is not wandering in the dark while the design process is going forward. This group, through designated role models, should be functioning as one of the design group's principle research and editorial resources. The design team should be solic- iting the engaged sales staff to ensure that they: understand what specific results the plan is intended to produce, how those results translate into compensation and/or other rewards, and how the plan is to be administered. perceive the plan to be straightforward and fair. feel an ownership in the plan's elements. are challenged by the goals of the plan.