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Chapter 8 Strive for Simplicity: Streaml... > The Design Umbrella - Pg. 207

Strive for Simplicity atypical in the start-up phase to plan based on aggregate goals. As knowl- edge of the product's acceptance evolves, specifically designed goals will replace the more all encompassing and less focused variety. If target goals and actual results deviate by more than 10 percent after the first three planning cycles, and are not the result of an act of God, don't abandon goal setting, get yourself better goal setters. The Design Umbrella Effective sales reward plans, regardless of industry or targeted posi- tions, have common best practice design elements that fall under the basic headings of keep it simple and keep it focused. Before examining these elements in some detail, reflect on the following umbrella statements. These statements are Rubber Chickens that form the fabric of any good sales compensation plan. 1. Salespeople are an investment to be developed, listened to, collaborated with and shown genuine