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Chapter 10: Staging Magnet Events > GUIDELINES FOR A SUCCESSFUL MAGNET EVENT - Pg. 134

134 N 6 S TEPS TO F REE P UBLICITY Publicity Stunt Day on April 1 for decades, died in 2008, and perhaps on that one day every year zany public exploits will continue to live on. G UIDELINES FOR A S UCCESSFUL M AGNET E VENT If you want to take on the challenge of a magnet event, keep these tips in mind. 1. Be sure your concept is clear. One of the reasons the Take Our Daughters to Work Day succeeded, says Nell Merlino, is that the title of the event named something simple that people could do to participate. If the success of your event depends on rallying participation, people must be able to "get it" from a headline, a calendar listing, or a snippet on the radio. 2. Plan far enough in advance. Timing is critical! Find out and meet the deadlines for key event listings, public-service announcements, and pre-event articles that will reach your