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Chapter 15: Performing on Radio and TV L... > WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT THE STATION - Pg. 195

Performing on Radio and TV Like a Pro n 195 remembers that when he worked in PR, he would tell corporate cli- ents to make only two or three points and keep hammering them home--"but that's easier said than done. When you're actually inter- viewed, time goes by so fast. It's easy to get carried away with a story, and then the whole thing is over." The more you practice, however, the more likely the rehearsed behavior is to kick in automatically on cue. For TV, rehearsal should include practicing what you need to do to look good on the video screen. Put a camcorder in the hands of a friend who films you while you speak. Note anything you do that's distracting, which might not be as noticeable in real life. "Hand gestures can look wild on TV," says Laurie Schloff, of The Speech Improvement Company in Brookline, Massachusetts. "Your move- ments should be smooth and controlled. Remember that people will be seeing you large and up close." As if you were an athlete in training, take special precautions the day of a broadcast appearance. Get enough sleep the night before, and the day of your appearance don't rev yourself up with too much