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Chapter 21: Becoming Findable Through Se... > HOW SEARCH ENGINES "THINK" - Pg. 240

240 N 6 S TEPS TO F REE P UBLICITY don't have a Website, you should be aware of these principles so that when your news releases wind up online from a newswire or distribu- tion service, they rise toward the top of the listings when someone searches for information on what you sell or do. H OW S EARCH E NGINES "T HINK " When considering the wording on Web pages that search en- gines are data-crunching, you need to know that search engines do not think human beings do, who classify and organize information in accordance with all the common sense they possess. Instead, search engines are dumb and extremely literal. For instance, if you read a headline about a nursery having a sale, you immediately know several things right there. Without being spe- cifically told, you know that trees, shrubs, and bulbs are undoubtedly on sale. Even though the word nursery also means a place where chil- dren are cared for, you also know that this is not an indication to call