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Chapter 7: Tip Sheets That Keep You in P... > ONLINE GIVEAWAY STRATEGIES - Pg. 98

98 N 6 S TEPS TO F REE P UBLICITY End the article with a biographical blurb that includes information on how to obtain the complete document. To get the greatest mileage from the work you've done in creating the white paper, do three more things. First, send complete copies of it with a personal cover note ("Thought you'd appreciate having this") to current clients and hot prospects. Second, send tantalizing post- cards similar to Steve Clark's earlier in this chapter to companies and individuals in your target market. Third, look around on the Web for industry portals or noncommercial informational sites and topical link directories that might be willing to add a free link to your white paper. Consider also white paper repositories such as, which is free, and, which charges a fee for inclusion. "A white paper is a wolf in sheep's clothing," says Andrea Conway, a Denver-based marketing communications specialist who has written more than 30 white papers for the computer industry. "You clothe the power and focus of your competitive message so that it looks and sounds like research. They're a terrific way to mar-