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Chapter 8: Painlessly Publishing Article... > SAMPLE ARTICLE QUERY - Pg. 113

Painlessly Publishing Articles Yourself n 113 S AMPLE A RTICLE Q UERY This was sent by e-mail to the editor handling the area of market- ing after I caught the attention of Business 2.0 editor in chief Jim Daly with a letter to the editor (see Chapter 13 for that story). Note how specific the proposal is. It won the assignment. Dear Nancy Rutter: UP AGAINST THE GIANTS With long-established, famous dotcoms like failing, what hope is there for the "little guys" who have never attracted venture capital? Quite a lot of hope, in fact. Small businesses have these ad- vantages and more vis-a-vis Internet Goliaths: * Can more easily use a consistent personality to build a reputation. * Can deliver true one-to-one customer service by e-mail and phone. * With closer ties to clientele, can discern market trends without formal research. * With no bureaucratic layers, can respond quickly to market needs and requests. * By specializing, can build up deeper inventory for a small, profitable niche. * Don't have to worry about investors suddenly getting cold feet. * Can achieve actual profitability and an attractive return on investment. I'll include quotes from and information about small online busi- nesses that illustrate these points. You can find seven articles on low-cost Internet marketing that I've done so far for ClickZ Today at author.html?author=184 as well as loads of articles on marketing in general at my Website, My latest book is INTERNET MARKETING FOR LESS THAN $500/YEAR, published by Maximum Press.