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PHASE 3: Standing Out From the Crowd, th... > Chapter 8: Who Are You Anyway? - Pg. 97

e Chapter 8 e Who Are You Anyway? Getting clear on how you need to be perceived etting your image and identity in sync begins with some or all of your team sitting around a table in front of a writing board. If you are a solo entrepreneur, you may want to recruit a trusted friend or advisor to help you get an unbiased perspective of your business. Together you will need to mas- termind a few guiding precepts for how you operate and market your busi- ness every day. To be a company in complete marketing alignment, you must achieve and maintain mastery of each of these five steps: 1. Clarify your vision of how you want to be perceived by others. 2. Identify the adjectives, characteristics, attributes, and actions that go with your vision (List of Attributes). 3. Objectively assess where you are in relation to your goal. 4. Develop a plan to consistently act, interact, and communicate in a way that is consistent with your vision and defined attributes. 5. Hold yourself accountable to your established standards. G Your List of Attributes To ensure that you stand out in the right way, in a way that serves you, you will need to define, commit to paper, and firmly establish what I call your List of Attributes. This outlines the specific adjectives that describe how you need to be perceived in the marketplace through your image and how you must behave to establish your congruent identity. These will become the values and characteristics that are to drive everything you do internally and externally. They are what you will work to instill in the mind and voices of e 97