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Chapter 10: Linking Traditional TV Adver... > Linking Television Ads to Internet A... - Pg. 176

Linking Traditional TV Advertising to Internet Advertising Figure 3. Example images of visual concepts. (From left to right: road scene v. s. automobile ads, com- puter graphics v. s. healthcare ads, natural scenes v. s. healthcare ads, and meeting room & skyscraper v. s. finance ads.) present more road scenes and cars. They used this information to categorize textually unclassified TV ads due to the poor processing results of automatic speech recognition (ASR) and OCR. Generally speaking, a TV ad can be associated with content- based concepts (e.g. keywords, subject matter, visual concepts, etc.) that relates to a service or product associated with both TV ads and Internet daily life. Efforts have been made to break down the semantic space using a small number of con- cepts. For example, (Naphade, et al., 2005) ana- lyzed an expanded lexicon of more than 2000 concepts, with respect to the TRECVID and BBC queries, and came up with 44 concepts along 7 dimensions in news videos. (Li & Wang, 2008) developed a real-time automatic image annotation