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Acknowledgments - Pg. 1

Introduction Agile Project Management (APM) contains four focal points: opportunities created by the agile revolution and its impact on product development, the values and principles that drive agile project management, the specific prac- tices that embody and amplify those principles, and practices to help entire organizations, not just project teams, embrace agility. Chapter 1, "The Agile Revolution," introduces changes that are occur- ring in product development--from cell phones to software--and how these changes are driving down the cost of experimentation and fundamen- tally altering how new product development should be managed. The chap- ter outlines the business objectives of APM and how organizations need to adapt to operating in a chaotic world. Chapters 2­4 describe the values and principles that actuate APM. These core agile values are articulated in the Declaration of Interdependence and the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. For clarity and simplic- ity, three summarizing core values--Delivering Value over Meeting Con- straints, Leading the Team over Managing Tasks, Adapting to Change over Conforming to Plans--are introduced, and each is discussed in a chapter. Chapters 5­10 cover APM frameworks and individual practices. Chap- ter 5 describes both an agile enterprise framework (Project Governance, Project Management, Iteration Management, Technical Practices) and the phases in the Agile Delivery Framework (Envision, Speculate, Explore, Adapt, Close). Chapters 6­10 identify and describe the practices in each of the phases. Chapter 8 covers advanced release planning and includes a sec- tion on value point calculation. Chapter 11, "Scaling Agile Projects," examines how agile principles are used, together with additional practices, to scale APM to larger projects and larger teams. Scaling covers both organizational and product-related prac- tices. · 1 ·