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Chapter 6. The Envision Phase > A Releasable Product - Pg. 93

A Releasable Product In Chapter 1, the foundation for agile project success was defined as · Value goal: Build a releasable product · Quality goal: Build a reliable, adaptable product · Constraint goal: Achieve value and quality goals within acceptable constraints These are strategic goals, not specific requirements. They help teams and management answer the key questions at the end of every iteration: "What defines a releasable product?" and, "What is keeping us from releasing this product today?" These are very different from: "Are we conforming to our plan?" Circumstances, say a revised business objective, may lead to a "releaseability" answer that differs substantially from the plan. For example, the decision to release a product at an industry conference might alter the definition of minimal acceptable release capabilities. Focusing on the strate- gic releaseability question, rather than looking at a detailed requirements