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Chapter 1. Will I Be a Good Coach? > Let’s Get Our Language Straight - Pg. 8

8 Chapter 1 Will I Be a Good Coach? and 60% being. The powerful (silent) influence you have because of who you are and how agile values shine through your every move should not be under- estimated. It's potent stuff . Through your being, you exert a far-reaching and long-lasting impact on people, teams, and organizations, much more so than applying a whole textbook of ag ile techniques perfectly. An agile coach models ag ile all the time, and just by being teaches all the time. This comes through in how you coach individuals on the team and how you interact with the team at large. It speaks clearly in how conscious you are of your actions and their impacts and how you take responsibility for those impacts, simply and transparently. Through these ways of being, the coach also creates a living example of the depth and usefulness of ag ile, honor ing the values that underlie it in every moment with ever y decision and through every action (or nonaction). A good ag ile coach walks the walk and, in so doing, creates a path the team can follow. As an agile coach, modeling the key behaviors of a good agilist, you are what you're tr ying to teach them to be. You're not going to hit the mark all the time. You will make mistakes. You will lose your cool and yell. Your mind will wander during the stand-up meeting.