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Chapter 18. Release Planning (Longer-Ter... > Release Constraints - Pg. 311

Release Constraints 311 the cost will be. This plan also communicates a clear understanding of the desired MRFs for the release. Finally, it frequently will show how some of the product backlog items map to sprints within the release. Release Constraints The goal of release planning is to determine what constitutes the most valuable next release and what the desired level of quality is. The constraints of scope, date, and budget are important variables that affect how we will achieve our goal. Based on product planning, one or more of these constraints will probably be established. Chapter 17 introduced the fictional company Review Everything, Inc. In that chapter, we followed Review Everything through envisioning a new product, SR4U, a trainable search agent for online reviews. In the product roadmap for SR4U, Roger and his team determined that it would be advantageous to release the first ver- sion of SR4U at an upcoming conference, the Social Media Expo. Thus, SR4U Release 1.0 has a fixed-date constraint--the release must be ready by a certain date: the Social Media Expo. The other constraints (scope and budget) are flexible. Table 18.1 illustrates different combinations where these constraints are either fixed or flexible.