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Chapter 22. Sprint Retrospective > Follow Through - Pg. 391

Follow Through 391 Follow Through To ensure that what happens in the sprint retrospective does not just stay in the sprint retrospective, the participants should follow up on the actions they chose to com- plete. Some actions (such as that everyone shows up on time for daily meetings) need only to be reiterated and reinforced by the team members and the ScrumMaster. Others will need to be addressed during the forthcoming sprint-planning activity. Frequently the easiest way to handle the improvement actions is to populate the sprint backlog with tasks corresponding to each action prior to bringing in new fea- tures. The team's available capacity to work on new features would then be adjusted downward by the estimated time these improvement tasks will take. Honestly, any approach that allows the team to make a good commitment at sprint planning while at the same time affording it the opportunity to work on the improvement actions is a good approach. One approach that does not work is to have an "improvement plan" for the team that is separate from the work it will do each sprint. This two-pronged approach will almost always lead to the improvement plan being subordinate to the typical feature- driven sprint plan. To ensure that the improvement actions do take place, don't sepa- rate; integrate!