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Part III: Kicking off

Part III: Kicking off

We've worked on numerous projects where the team was expected to do the work but not necessarily understand the value of the project. Many repercussions can result if you don't orient the project team to the value of the idea.

First, if the team doesn't know why they're pursuing an idea, they won't be able to make decisions if they encounter issues. Development will slow while team members seek out management for redirection.

Second, your project team contains a large quantity of intellectual power. Team members may identify issues with an idea if they're consulted before work begins. The company can use this information to determine whether a project is feasible and, if necessary, cancel a project before time is wasted.

Third, it's demoralizing not to be consulted about a project you're going to work on. When you're told to do something, your underlying thought is, "Why should I do this?" We believe in treating team members respectfully. Asking the team for their input on a project before it begins shows respect and also helps with project buy-in.

In this part of the book, we'll address these three issues. You'll see how Acme Media gets the buy-in of its pilot team by involving them in the feasibility assessment and by going through an envisioning process that quantifies the value of the Free Merchandise Advertising idea.


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