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Building the Agile Database: How to Buil... > Acronyms and Terms - Pg. 265

Acronyms and Terms AD Agile Agile Development An iterative approach to application (software) development, based on early and continuous delivery of working software. A characteristic or property of an Entity in a logical data model. Business Intelligence; the analysis and reporting of data in a way that allows the business to recognize and take advantage of new and changing market conditions. Big Design Up-Front; that is, creation of a large number of analysis and design artifacts at the beginning of a development project, before any actual coding begins. Conceptual Data Model Chief Executive Officer Continuous Integration; the ability to quickly integrate changes into a new build of the application, and deploy it. Chief Information Officer Common Language Runtime; as used in this book, the creation of database Attribute BI BDUF CDM CEO CI CIO CLR 265