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List of Figures

List of Figures

Figure 2-1Five keys for continuous improvement33
Figure 2-2The Six Sigma DMAIC method40
Figure 3-1The CMMI concept59
Figure 3-2Current CMMI project organization67
Figure 4-1Document map for the model82
Figure 5-1Capability level profile (simple)86
Figure 5-2Target profile 293
Figure 5-3Target profile 393
Figure 5-4Target profile 494
Figure 5-5Target profile 595
Figure 6-1Capability dimension99
Figure 6-2Building capability101
Figure 6-3Staged maturity levels103
Figure 6-4Maturity level structure104
Figure 7-1Process Management process area relationships119
Figure 7-2Organizational Process Definition context diagram120
Figure 7-3Organizational Process Focus context diagram122
Figure 7-4Organizational Process Performance context diagram124
Figure 7-5Organizational Innovation and Deployment context diagram125
Figure 7-6Organizational Training context diagram127
Figure 7-7Project Management process area relationships128
Figure 7-8Project Planning context diagram129
Figure 7-9Project Monitoring and Control context diagram130
Figure 7-10Integrated Project Management (without IPPD) context diagram131
Figure 7-11Integrated Project Management for IPPD context diagram132
Figure 7-12Quantitative Project Management context diagram133
Figure 7-13Risk Management context diagram135
Figure 7-14Requirements Management context diagram136
Figure 7-15Configuration Management context diagram138
Figure 7-16Process and Product Quality Assurance context diagram139
Figure 7-17Measurement and Analysis context diagram140
Figure 7-18Decision Analysis and Resolution context diagram141
Figure 7-19Causal Analysis and Resolution context diagram143
Figure 7-20Requirements Development context diagram145
Figure 7-21Technical Solution context diagram147
Figure 7-22Product Integration context diagram148
Figure 7-23Verification context diagram150
Figure 7-24Validation context diagram151
Figure 7-25Supplier Agreement Management context diagram152
Figure 7-26Agreement Management context diagram155
Figure 7-27Acquisition Requirements Development context diagram156
Figure 7-28Acquisition Technical Management context diagram157
Figure 7-29Acquisition Validation context diagram158
Figure 7-30Acquisition Verification context diagram158
Figure 7-31Solicitation and Supplier Agreement Development context diagram160

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