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Preface > Acknowledgments


As this is book about groupware, I'd like to thank some of the groups that supported the project. They include:

My family

My parents gave me the basic tools. My dear wife, Luann, shared in the challenges of an unusual year that saw us each launch our own businesses. Our children, Robin and Doug, dealt cheerfully with two parents who were always around, but always busy.

O'Reilly and Associates

Mark Bracewell, Andy Oram, John Posner, and Mark Stone all helped shape this book. Then Tim O'Reilly rolled up his sleeves and did the heavy lifting. The final product owes much to his instinctive grasp of what this book was about, and remarkable talent for demonstrating how to get the job done. Tools wizard Chris Maden kindly tolerated my XML experimentation. Katie Gardner and Jeffrey Liggett shepherded the book through production.


Others whose comments helped shape the book include Rael Dornfest, Margaret Levine, John Montgomery, Dave Rowell, and Andrew Schulman.

Former BYTE colleagues

The new media team, Joy Blake and Dave Rowell, indulged my endless groupware experimentation, as did the editorial and production crews. Ben Smith was my Internet service provider and my friend during a tough transitional year.

The BYTE newsgroups

This collective brain trust, now relocated back to after a series of migrations, was a touchstone throughout the project, and continues to demonstrate the most important ideas in this book.

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