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Chapter 11. The Future of Global Enterpr... > 11.3. Into the Clouds - Pg. 231

11.3 Into the Clouds 231 11.3 Into the Clouds The arrival of cloud computing is by far the most conspicuous trend in recent times, and it's likely to have the most wide-scale impact on enterprise software delivery in the coming years. Whether viewed as a natural extension of Internet- based computing or a completely new phenomenon, high-bandwidth global interconnectivity and cheap processors and storage have fueled moves to create large computing centers that can act as massive computing hubs to serve organ- izations that may be distributed around the globe. These centralized computing centers can be created by a single organization, shared between organizations, or be provided by third parties as a resource that can be acquired as necessary. All these give rise to the possibility that enterprise software delivery can be coordinated more effectively via shared service centers and can be supported more efficiently using a flexible set of hardware and software services that can expand and contract as the organization's needs evolve. This move toward a centralized approach for greater flexibility and effi- ciency in enterprise software delivery is not new. As illustrated in Figure 11.1, enterprise software delivery organizations have been on a multiyear journey to-