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Part: IV XR: Extreme Reality—Real-Life Experiences - Pg. 220

220 Part IV. XR: Extreme Reality--Real-Life Experiences Part IV reports on a series of experiences in applying XP. The goal is to guide future applications of XP by showing what went well and what did not work. This is a first step toward establishing a body of knowledge about XP in which different experiences can be classified and compared. To ease the comparison, the authors have been required to follow a fixed set of headings as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. Research hypotheses, in which the goals of the trial of XP are described Description of the context of the experience, detailing the environment where XP (or a portion of it) was tried Results from the experience, with numeric quantification of the outcome, whenever possible What actions were taken as a result of the experience We have also encouraged the authors to follow a rigorous and factual style in reporting their XP experiences. A comparison with what happens in medical studies may help in understanding the purpose and the scope of our work. Usually, a drug becomes available for general use at the end of a four-phase