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Characteristics of Agile Development 106 If integration took several hours, it would not be possible to work in this style. It is important to have tools that support a fast integration build and test cycle. You also need a reasonably complete test suite that verifies successful integration of a new component. Eclipse includes flexible support for automatically building your project as each file is saved, using either the built-in compiler and project configurations or a customized Ant build script ( http:// The Ant editor, Outline view, and runtime configurations help you to create and execute large, complex build scripts, all from within the Eclipse IDE. Collective Ownership Anyone can change any code anywhere in the system at any time. This ensures that every developer takes responsibility for the entire system and is not held up when another component needs refac- toring or causes a test to fail. Not everyone knows every part equally well, although everyone knows something about every part. Collective ownership requires good tools that enable efficient code sharing and a team culture that encourages such behavior. Eclipse provides world-class tool support in this area. Generic team features are provided that can be bound to many different version control repositories. CVS support is provided in the standard download, and additional plug-ins are available for other repositories. Coding Standards In agile development processes, the code is of central importance in documenting system design and behavior, and this is possible only when consistent coding standards are used. In addition, collective ownership and refactoring mean that all developers are likely to touch much of the source code.