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Part: 1 Getting Started > A Java IDE and So Much More! - Pg. 2

2 Chapter 1. A Java IDE and So Much More! Looking at Eclipse is similar to looking at a well-cut diamond. What you see depends on the angle of your view and on how deeply you gaze into the interior. To some viewers Eclipse is a Java IDE with the usual features one expects from such an environment: editor, debugger, and project builder with a wide array of preference customizations. To others Eclipse is a generic framework for tool integration providing an extensive, flexible plug-in API. The home page declares that "Eclipse is a kind of universal tool platform--an open extensible IDE for anything and nothing in particular." Both perspectives are valid interpretations. As the Eclipse community continues its rapid expansion, other users will see it as a modeling tool, a business rules management application, a business process designer, a development environment for embedded systems written in C++, or an HTML authoring and document management environment. Using the Rich Client Platform (RCP) config- uration, Eclipse is the basis for any end-user client application. Many books have been and will be written to describe each facet of the Eclipse diamond. This book