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Chapter 4. Moving Parts > ClearQuest Components

ClearQuest Components

As outlined in the ClearQuest manuals (see Introducing Rational ClearQuest, IBM Rational Software), ClearQuest consists of several components that work in a client-server environment. Table 4-1 describes these components.

Table 4-1. ClearQuest Components
ComponentUsed ByUse To
Client Tools
ClearQuest for WindowsEveryoneSubmit, modify, and track change requests; analyze project progress by creating and updating queries, charts, and reports
ClearQuest for UNIXEveryoneSubmit, modify, and track change requests; support project analysis by creating and updating queries
ClearQuest WebEveryoneAccess ClearQuest across multiple platforms using Netscape Navigator or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to submit, modify, and track change requests; support project analysis by creating and updating queries and reports
Administrator Tools
ClearQuest DesignerClearQuest administratorCustomize ClearQuest; manage ClearQuest schemas and databases; administer users and user groups
ClearQuest Import ToolClearQuest administratorImport data, including records, history, and attachments from other change request systems and between ClearQuest databases
ClearQuest Export ToolClearQuest administratorExport ClearQuest data from one ClearQuest user database to another user database
ClearQuest Maintenance ToolEveryoneSet up and connect to the schema repository during installation and when upgrading to a new ClearQuest version
Rational E-Mail ReaderClearQuest administratorEnable ClearQuest users to submit and modify records by e-mail

ClearQuest includes predefined schemas that provide ready-to-use change- and defect-tracking processes, as well as standard integrations with various IBM Rational software products. You can use ClearQuest schemas out of the box or customize them to fit into your organization’s workflow depending on your specific requirements.

ClearQuest provides the following support for your software development environment:

  • Supports Microsoft Access, Sybase SQL Anywhere, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle relational databases, and IBM DB2

  • Integrates with IBM Rational ClearCase and Microsoft Visual SourceSafe so you can associate change requests directly with changes in your evolving software

  • Integrates with Rational TeamTest, VisualTest, and the products now bundled as Rational PurifyPlus (Purify, PureCoverage, and Quantify), allowing you to submit change requests to ClearQuest directly from these testing tools.

  • Works with Business Objects’ Crystal Reports so you can create custom reports from ClearQuest data

  • Allows you to integrate with other standard Windows tools, such as Microsoft Excel and Word, through an advanced Common Object Model (COM) interface

  • Provides access to the Rational Unified Process (RUP) through the ClearQuest extended help menu

  • Supports integration with all tools in the Rational Team Unifying Platform (TUP) [1]

    [1] For more information about TUP, see

  • Provides seamless integration of ClearQuest into the Eclipse environment, through the ClearQuest client for Eclipse [2]

    [2] For more information about the ClearQuest Client for Eclipse, see

For more ClearQuest user questions, all the information you will need can be found in the ClearQuest online help on the IBM Rational website. Administrators, however, will want to track down copies of the following: ClearQuest Release Notes, Installing Rational ClearQuest, Administering Rational ClearQuest, ClearQuest Designer Tutorial, the online help for ClearQuest Designer, and the ClearQuest API Reference.

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