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Also Available from PMI - Pg. 99

Upgrade Your Project Management Knowledge with First-Class Publications from PMI 99 Managing Projects Step-by-Step TM Follow the steps, standards, and procedures used and proven by thousands of professional project managers and leading corporations. This interactive multimedia CD-ROM based on PMI's A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge will enable you to customize, standardize, and distribute your project plan standards, procedures, and methodology across your entire organiza- tion. Multimedia illustrations using 3-D animations and audio make this perfect for both self-paced training or for use by a facilitator. PMBOK Q&A Use this handy pocket-sized question-and-answer study guide to learn more about the key themes and concepts presented in PMI's international standard, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. More than 160 multiple-choice questions with answers (referenced to the PMBOK Guide) help you with the breadth of knowledge needed to understand key project management concepts. ISBN: 1-880410-21-4 PMI Proceedings Library CD-ROM This interactive guide to PMI's Annual Seminars & Symposium Proceedings offers a powerful new option to the traditional methods of document storage and retrieval, research, training, and technical writing. Contains complete paper presentations from PMI '91­PMI '97. Full-text-search capability, convenient on-screen readability, and PC/Mac compatibility. PMI Publications Library CD-ROM Using state-of-the-art technology, PMI offers complete articles and information from its major pub- lications on one CD-ROM, including PM Network (1991­97), Project Management Journal (1991­ 97), and A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge . Offers full-text-search capability and indexing by PMBOK Guide knowledge areas. Electronic indexing schemes and sophisticated search engines help to find and retrieve articles quickly that are relevant to your topic or research area. Also Available from PMI How to Turn Computer Problems into Competitive Advantage Tom Ingram ISBN: 1-880410-08-7 Achieving the Promise of Information Technology Ralph Sackman ISBN: 1-880410-03-6 Leadership Skills for Project Managers Editors' Choice Series Edited by Jeffrey Pinto and Jeffrey Trailer ISBN: 1-880410-49-4 The Virtual Edge Margery Mayer ISBN: 1-880410-16-8