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Chapter II. So What Is a Project?

Chapter II. So What Is a Project?

Several Centuries Later

Help Wanted: Person needed to manage projects. No experience necessary. PM software on hand with instruction manual for its use. You will be responsible for planning, scheduling and controlling all projects done by this organization. Salary negotiable.

OC: Congratulations, Sam, you got the job. You learned in high school that the disk goes in that little slot on the front of the computer box—slide end first and circular metal plate down. You found the switch on the back of the box and ZAP—the computer is working, the software is loaded, and you are ready to manage your first project.

OC: What's that you say? No one told you what to do? That's easy! Just ask one of the old-timers, right? Right!

Sam: Hey, Joe, where's my first project?

OC: Just a word of advice, Sam. Be careful what Old Joe says next. He's a real sport. He's been known to send unsuspecting greenhorns looking for an oven wrench, a sky-hook, or even a lefthanded monkey wrench. One morning, he even bothered to bring a gunnysack to work just so he could take this young kid snipe hunting after work. It must have been a great night for hunting 'cause that youngster came draggin' in the next morning lookin' like he'd been up all night. Old Joe came in fit as a fiddle saying something like, “Gee, these young kids sure don't have much stamina nowadays, do they?” Well, maybe Old Joe's age is softening him up a bit. All he said was:

Joe: "Gee, Sam, I don't know. Hey, Clyde, didn't we have one of them there projects around here a year or two ago?


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