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Relationship Building: A Key Technical S... > Understanding Behavior Styles - Pg. 49

Relationship Building: A Key Technical Skill 49 Listening Project managers must be good listeners. They must be able to communicate with the client and with the project team. The project manager is responsible for the overall execution of the project. She must implement through the efforts of other team members. Project managers are expected to demonstrate high performance standards and understand the mission. That mission is communi- cated to the project manager by the client, and then to the project team by the project manager. The project manager must listen actively to the client and use follow-up questions to ensure under- standing. Often the complete requirements of the project cannot be transmitted adequately through a written scope document. Most certainly, the personal importance of the project to the client representative, along with other nuances, cannot be transmitted in a scope document. Understanding Behavior Styles Project managers must have a clear understanding of the client and project team's different personal styles. That knowledge provides valuable insight into how to communicate effectively and negotiate with specific individuals. Behavior styles, management styles, and individual types are real and can be managed for magnificent project success; or they can be mismanaged and ignored for a dismal procession of project failures. Before any project team undertakes a major group endeavor, especially if it shares no history as a team, the members of the group should participate in a one- or two-day program aimed at under- standing and appreciating individual differences, styles, and strengths. The costs of getting to know the other team members as people with names and faces will be recovered many times over as the project progresses. The results of group/team cohesiveness can often prove priceless in terms of