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Budgeting and Cost Accounting Limits and Notifications Managers may want to be automatically notified when certain thresholds are met. Managers may also want to restrict the submitted hours against a project or task to not exceed the budgeted hours. For example, if a budget has been set for Project ABC at 100 hours and the threshold notification has been set at 75 percent, then once 75 hours of work have been reported for Project ABC, an e-mail is sent to the project manager advising him or her of the milestone. If the Project ABC has been restricted to budgeted hours, then once 100 hours have been reported for the project, no more time entries will be allowed against that project. Some companies may also want to autosuspend a project once certain limits and thresholds have been reached. Budget Rollup With a hierarchical organization and work breakdown structure, [4] it is possible to set up budgets for detailed line items and then roll them up as necessary for summary budget control and reporting. Both time in hours and time in dollars (based on pay rules), along with expense budgets, can be defined and rolled up independently for any part of the organization and work breakdown structures. Here is an example using the East Coast Advertising Portfolio shown below. We assume the following budgets have been defined as in Table 13.1. Table 13.1. East Coast Advertising Portfolio Project East Coast Advertising Portfolio New York Projects Budget Code 100 100100