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Section D.9. CASE STUDY (I)


  1. Core skills include decision-making, communications, conflict resolution, negotiations, mentorship, facilitation, and leadership without having authority.

  2. Line management skills often focus on superior-subordinate relationships whereas PM skills focus on team-building where the people on the team are not necessarily under the control of the PM (and may actually be superior in rank to the PM).

  3. Multiple-boss report is also a concern because the control and supervision of the worker may be spread across several individuals.

  4. Wage and salary administration is an important factor. If the PM has this responsibility, the workers will adapt to the PM because he/she has an influence over their performance review and salary. Without this responsibility, the PM may be forced to adapt to the workers rather than vice-versa.

  5. Line managers are accustomed to managing with authority whereas project managers are not.

  6. When a PM has a command of technology, he/she may align closer with the skills of a line manager rather than a PM.

  7. PMs usually negotiate for deliverables when they do not have a command of technology and this can influence the interpersonal skills needed for a particular project.

  8. Yes.

  9. The identification should be in general terms only so that it may be applicable to a multitude of projects.


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