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Chapter 3. PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROCESSES ... > Project Management Process Groups - Pg. 43

CHAPTER 3 - PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROCESSES FOR A PROJECT Table 3-1. Project Management Process Groups and Knowledge Areas Mapping Project Management Process Groups Knowledge Areas Initiating Process Group 4.1 Develop Project Charter Planning Process Group 4.2 Develop Project Management Plan Executing Process Group 4.3 Direct and Manage Project Execution Monitoring & Controlling Process Group 4.4 Monitor and Control Project Work 4.5 Perform Integrated Change Control 5.4 Verify Scope 5.5 Control Scope 3 Closing Process Group 4.6 Close Project or Phase 4. Project Integration Management 5. Project Scope Management 5.1 Collect Requirements 5.2 Define Scope 5.3 Create WBS 6.1 Define Activities 6.2 Sequence Activities 6.3 Estimate Activity Resources 6.4 Estimate Activity Durations 6.5 Develop Schedule 6. Project Time Management 6.6 Control Schedule