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Extended Enterprise application patterns > Exposed Direct Connection: Message C... - Pg. 74

The message definition should be generalized to further promote flexibility. Do not tightly couple messages with back-end application APIs. Rather the message should capture all the necessary information required for that logical interaction across business boundaries. Such generalization helps to cope with changes to the back-end application API without changing the agreed upon message format. Benefits The use of this pattern allows the complete integration of applications belonging to different companies, assuring a real-time and service-oriented access to external data and processes. Source and target applications are clearly decoupled, as are business logic and communication details. Therefore, it is possible to develop different parts of the whole system independently. Limitations This pattern implements a direct connection between the source and target application. Therefore, this pattern cannot be used for the intelligent routing of requests, decomposition and recomposition of requests, or for invoking complex business process workflow as a result of a request from a partner application. Under such circumstances, consider a more advanced Application pattern, such as Exposed Broker or Exposed Serial Process.