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Runtime configuration for JMS > Create the JMS connection factory - Pg. 378

1. Locate the bus definition by selecting Service integration Buses. Click the bus name (ITSOMartBus) to open it. 2. Under Additional Properties click Destinations. 3. Click New. 4. For the destination type, accept the default of Queue and click Next. 5. The first page of the wizard asks for an identifier and description to be entered. The identifier is the name by which the destination will be exposed to applications. Enter ProcessorToMail.Queue and click Next. 6. The next page allows you to specify which bus member to which to assign the destination. There is only one bus member in our scenario, so accept the default and click Next. 7. The final page is just a summary, click Finish and the destination will be created. 8. Save the configuration. 9. Click Finish. 10.Save your changes. 11.5.2 Create the JMS connection factory