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Chapter 15: Application walkthrough > UC_1: Create new claim - Pg. 410

Start the MQ Everyplace Claim Server To run the MQ Everyplace Claim Server, do the following: 1. Open a command window and navigate to the C:\MQe_MOBADJ directory. 2. Set the Java environment. You can either add Java to the system path or define it manually at the command line as follows: set path=%path%;C:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\java\bin Note: We recommend adding the above statement to the top of the runMQeServer.bat found in the C:\MQe_MOBADJ. Alternatively, add the Java environment to the system PATH environment variable. 3. Enter runMQeServer.bat to start the server. You should see something like Figure 15-1. Note: The first time you start the MobileAdjuster MQ Everyplace Server you will see an exception because the queue manager does not exist; thus, it will create the queue manager.