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Composing Service-Oriented Architecture Solutions with PHP and Open-Source ActiveBPEL

  • Build Web Services with PHP

  • Combine PHP Web Services into orchestrations with WS-BPEL

  • Use better WS-BPEL to enable parallel processing and asynchronous communication

  • Simplify WS-BPEL development with free graphical tool ActiveBPEL Designer

In Detail

When utilized within a Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), Web Services are part of a business process determining the logical order of service activities – logical units of work performed by one or more services. Today, the most popular tool for organizing service activities into business processes is Web Services Business Process Execution Language (WS-BPEL), a language defining an execution format for business processes operating on Web Services. While it is not a trivial task to define a business process definition with WS-BPEL from scratch, using a graphical WS-BPEL tool can significantly simplify this process.

Examples and practice are much more valuable than theory when it comes to building applications using specific development tools. Unlike many other books on SOA in the market, this book is not focused on architecture. Instead, through numerous examples, it discusses practical aspects of SOA and WS-BPEL development, showing you how to apply architecture in practice with the help of PHP, ActiveBPEL open-source engine, and ActiveBPEL Designer – powerful development tools available for free.

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