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Chapter 4. Building Software at Every Ch... > Perform Single Command Builds - Pg. 69

Perform Single Command Builds 69 Would you consider software that hasn't been tested to be working software? How about software that was tested but hasn't been inspected? Suppose someone said, "Everything works except for the database"--is this working software? Some developers consider their software to be working if it compiles. There are different types of builds (covered later in this chapter), and you will be balancing between a need for a heavyweight build that verifies and produces working, deployable software (usually via many types of tests and inspections) versus the need for getting rapid feedback. Perform Single Command Builds Martin Fowler states, "Get everything you need into source control and get it so that you can build the whole system with a single command." 2 The Integrate button concept is realized only if you can run your build via a single command. For instance, typing nant integrate from the