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There are some golden rules for exam revision:

  • Do as many example questions as you can so that you become familiar with the types of questions, the way questions are worded and the levels (K1, K2, K3, K4) of questions that are set in the examination.

  • Be active in your reading. This usually means taking notes, but this book has been structured to include regular checks of understanding that will provide you with prompts to ensure you have remembered the key ideas from the section you have just revised. In many cases information you need to remember is already in note form for easy learning.

  • One important way to engage with the book is to work through all the examples and exercises. If you convince yourself you can do an exercise, but you do not actually attempt it, you will only discover the weakness in that approach when you are sitting in the examination centre.

  • Learning and revision need to be reinforced. There are two related ways to do this:

    • By making structured notes to connect together related ideas. This can be done via lists, but a particularly effective way to make the connections is by using a technique known as mind mapping. An example of a mind map of the syllabus can be found in the Introduction.

    • By returning to a topic that you have revised to check that you have retained the information. This is best done the day after you first revised the topic and again a week after, if possible. If you begin each revision section by returning to the ‘Check of understanding‘ boxes in some or all of the chapters you worked with in previous revision sessions it will help to ensure that you retain what you are revising.

  • Read the syllabus and become familiar with it. Questions are raised directly from the syllabus and often contain wording similar to that used in the syllabus. Familiarity with the syllabus document will more than repay the time you will spend gaining that familiarity.


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