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05 Interface activity noise - the founda... > Outcome achievement - Pg. 102

102 Implementing Strategic Change So, albeit unintentionally, organizations that do not manage their interfac- ing activities spend about US $25,000 per employee per annum upsetting their customers, at the same time as driving down employee satisfaction and destroying business value. If just half of the interfacing activity noise could be saved, then the impact on the profi tability, performance and productivity is enormous. For exam- ple, an 800-person service company with a turnover of US $100 million would be losing US $10 million per annum from its profit. Outcome achievement Noisei s accretive Interfacing activity noise has many causes. It can take the form of check- ing, chasing and correcting errors and omissions on information provided by customers or suppliers, and dealing with the downstream viral impact. This is externally generated noise. Equally, the correction and chasing can be caused by errors and omissions committed in other parts of the same organization or even within each team, and by dealing with the downstream viral impact in each team.