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07 Organizational `genomics' - strategic... > The real issue with interface mappin... - Pg. 135

Organizational `Genomics' 135 The real issue with interface mapping So how can an organization set itself up to achieve strategic alignment of business processes that is focused on outcome, and avoid taking the wrong steps? The answer to achieving the required strategic outcomes must lie in fi rst understanding what really happens. Interface mapping delivers this knowledge quickly and easily by documenting what really is going on so as to inform the change planning. When interface mapping is proposed it is not unusual to hear comments like: `Will the staff cooperate ­ bound to be tricky isn't it?'; `How do we know all that data will be right, who is going to check it?'; `Getting that level of detail will take forever, after all we put two people on to process map the whole business two years ago without getting to that level of detail and we still haven't fi nished!'; `Every time we try to use process mapping it inter- rupts our staff's work so much they always complain and we have only tried to get functional activities'; `Have you thought about how many activities would need to be analysed? It was 18,725 in an 800-person organization, and we are bigger than that.' Surely, if getting this data to do a job with outcomes that can be properly modelled means managing a lot of data, these objections are not important.