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2 SUSTAINABLE MARKET LEADERS COMPETE ON ... > Sustainability as Vehicle to Capture... - Pg. 45

SU STAINABLE MARKET LEADERS COMPETE ON SUSTAINABILITY 45 important issue that's become law. We are much stronger working together. At the same time, you can see some companies trying to sort of gather more attention upon themselves for the good works. And so there's always a little bit of tension in those collaborative relationships. But clearly that works in some cases. In other cases we are competing against one another for recognition in terms of lists. Sustainable Market Leaders are beginning to design competi- tive differentiation strategies based on their progress on and insights from their sustainability efforts. These companies are doing so in order to capture and retain customers and design market entry strategies, among other performance-enhancing reasons. While Chapter Three dives deeper into the connec- tion among sustainability, strategy, and financial performance, I conclude this chapter with a look at how Sustainable Market Leaders are translating their sustainability efforts into